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How long does it take to make a sign?

Signage is custom made and it depends on the type of sign.  It can range from a day or two for small signage or decals and up to 3-6 weeks for larger custom illuminated signage. It also depends on the amount of current orders on our schedule. Delivery or installation time frames can be arranged upon the order.  It is best to contact us approximately 2 months prior to your expected delivery date.

What types of signs do you make?

We make all types of signage - indoor and outdoor. We also custom manufacture all of our products. Some of  our most popular products are: Outdoor illuminated pylons, LED - RGB  (full colour) advertising message  centres,  LED illuminated individual channel letters, complete mall signage, vehicle lettering and wraps.

Can you design a logo for our company?

Yes, we are able to design custom logos that will represent your business to the greatest potential in an artistic and practical way. Once we are finished, we can then turn the logo in to professional vehicle decals and signage. We are also certified designers and have designed and worked with 1000's of companies.

Do you handle the installation of our sign?

Yes, we can install the sign for you or provide the sign ready for pick up.

How far do you go for installation?

We belong to several sign associations with a network of installers. We can install your sign across Canada.

Can you make signs to franchise specs?

Yes, we can design and manufacture to any specification required. We have a complete network of distributors  and have access to all material s in the marketplace.

Do you help with municipal permits?

Yes, we can provide necessary drawings and apply for the permit on your behalf.

Will my sign require Engineering approval?

Depending on the sign, Engineering approval may be required by the municipality. Yes we can provide Engineer       approvals if required.

How much should I budget for my sign?

We can work within a budget and recommend the most suitable signage. Signage is custom and price varies  by material / size / lighted/ non - lit etc.

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, we partner with a lease company which can help with financing options over a longer term.

What is the benefit of a lease to purchase option? 

A lease to purchase option is a great way to free up your cash flow. Capital is greatly needed in a new  business. Preserves existing credit lines and allows for easier budgeting.

Can my company use the lease payment as a tax deduction?

Yes, typically the lease to purchase can be used as a tax deduction in most circumstances as monthly advertising budgets.

What are the other benefits of a lease to purchase?

A large sum of sales tax not paid up front. Tax payments are added onto monthly payments which in turn, frees up additional capital.