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Your signage is vitally important to your business and paramount toward branding your image!
It's true!    When you stop and think about it, it makes perfect sense that your signage is crucial to your business, whatever it may be.  In many cases your sign is the first image potential buyers see about your business. So, you need to put your best foot forward by having signage that makes a positive statement about your business.

Unless you're selling unique, one of a kind items, it's a fair bet that your  business has competition...a little or a lot. To stay ahead of the pack in the fast paced, competitive world of business, you need to communicate with prospective customers through your signage, sending a clear message quickly and effectively that says your business is the best choice for their needs.

What Signage Does For Your Business!

  • Encourages impulse “stop and shop” customers
  • Builds your brand by creating an awareness of your business
  • Bolsters and reinforces your other media  marketing techniques
  • Helps to make future sales by letting people see your business is there.

Your signage can be tremendously effective at building your brand if you incorporate your company logo and use your trademark colors, graphics and text that help to identify what your business is all about. One significant benefit of branding with signage is that once your business logo and brand is firmly embedded in a locality, it reduces the amount of money you need to spend on other advertising. Signage offers an economical and highly effective way of presenting and reinforcing your message to the buying public.

In the mobile society we all live in these days, with almost everyone out and about in vehicles and many people moving from one area to another on a fairly frequent basis, having on-premise signage that identifies and brands your business may well be the best and most effective way of maintaining a competitive edge. Unlike other forms of advertising, it is difficult to determine exactly the cost per thousands exposure of signage the way newspaper, radio and television ads might be calculated, simply because your sign is out there constantly and continually, seen by every passing motorist 24/7. Talk about great advertising!

Whatever type of signage you use for your business, it should be carefully designed so that you will reap the maximum benefits of branding and attracting customers. Florence Signs is centrally located Southern Ontario and ready to help you create the ideal signage for your business. Here are some of the services available from Florence Signs.

  • LED Message Centres
  • Channel Letter Signage
  • Low Profile and Monolith Pylon Lit and Non-lit Signs
  • Sign and Logo Designers
  • Vehicle Signage, Banners and A-Frames
  • Architectural and Way Finding Signage
  • Illuminated Light Box
  • Neon and 3D Signs
  • Billboards, Monolith and Pylon Signs
  • Retail Shop Front Signage
  • Corporate Branding and Identification
  • Engraved and Sandblasted Signs
  • CNC Router, Laser Cut and Intracut Signs
  • Fabricated Letters and 3D Reception Signage
  • Exhibition Displays
  • Real Estate Signs

And More

Although most signage today is high tech, Florence Signs still hand paint signs if the job calls for a more old fashioned look to suit a particular business. 

At Florence Signs, you will find sign makers, not sign writers.  So, to make sure your business makes the best first impression it possibly can, contact Florence Signs for all of your signage needs!